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Sharif is a heavyweight player in the Spanish-speaking rap scene. His journey kicks off from the early days of "Fuck Tha Posse" and extends to his solo career, propelling him into the hip-hop scene not only in Spain but also across Latin America. His distinctive writing style adds a personal touch that stands out in today's music landscape. Welcome to the AIBeatz crew!
Listen "En carne viva" (AIBeatz remix)


One of the finest rappers to emerge from Zaragoza in the last fifteen years. Joined by producer Bombony Montana, they both have managed to create a very unique style of cold, serious Boom Bap music. He has also made many collaborations with some of the top names in Spanish Hip Hop during his career. We're proud to say that now he is part of the AIBeatz ambassadors crew!
Listen "Satellite" (AIBeatz remix)


His music is characterized by his thought-provoking, inspiring message and powerful lyrics. Brawler's unique style and creative vision have set him apart from other rappers in the genre, and his undeniable talent has solidified his place as one of the leading voices in Spanish Rap Music. From Madrid, now he is part of the AIBeatz ambassadors crew!
Listen "Londres" (AIBeatz remix)

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