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AI beat maker

Create original beats with AI

Stop searching and spending money in overused music and start creating your own! Our User-driven AI technology empowers you to unleash your full creativity assisting you all the way up. Create unique beats in real-time in the hypest urban music genres and create meaningful music in the most intuitive & efficient workflow. We make it work, you make it flow.

Every beat is unique, because you are

How it works

We don't shoot pre-made samples accessible to everybody. You dictate the entire creative process and we create & customize the music in real-time together with you, isn't it dope? That’s why, it is almost impossible to create a beat twice.
  • Music dataset

    Our AI composition technology is fed with our proprietary urban music dataset crafted by Pro producers & musicians.
  • Sound design

    Try hundreds of instruments for every note sequence, shift the pitch & easily apply effect presets to get to your sound.
  • User interface

    Recreate and modify any track in real-time and add drum & melodic loops that always match in groove & harmony.

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